Atlas of landforms of West Bohemia


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Welcome to website of the Atlas of Landforms of Western Bohemia. Although the landscape in surroundings of Pilsen does not include any spectacular peaks or deep canyons, the occurring landforms are really varied. The variability is mainly based on geological conditions, however, relatively young landforms formed by Pleistocene glaciations in the Šumava (forest) or present-day gullies in the surroundings of Stříbro (city) can be found. In general, the landscape of Western Bohemia provides interesting examples for explanation of landforms origin and development. As the relief is old and deeply influenced by denudation, a lot of examples explain connection between geological structure and landforms origin development. To demonstrate most significant and interesting features we used modern data from Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR).

The website is primarily meant for teaching foreign students of Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education in Faculty of Education. We explain geomorphology of landforms which are not so far from Pilsen and can be visited and investigated by the students during they stay in University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The website is particularly suggested for teaching subjects Geosciences 1, 2 and 3 and GIS in Physical Geography. The presented data, however, can be also valuable for lessons of Geology for Geographers, Historical and Regional Geology and (last but not least) can provide a good motivation for visiting the most beautiful places in the surroundings of Pilsen which have been carefully chosen (more information how the product is used for teaching). The presented Atlas has two main parts. The first part is freely accessible providing general information about the landforms and landscape, while the second part is intended for students of listed subjects providing spatial data and special teaching materials.

Geomorphologically, the first part of Atlas focuses on landforms which were developed by denudation. Therefore are significantly influenced by geological conditions and usually originated on more resistant bedrock. Except landforms on granite, resistant kinds of bedrock are used for more precise classification (such as landforms on lydite, quartz conglomerate and vulcanite rocks). The second part deals with younger landforms whose origin and development is more connected with particular geomorphic agents (glacial and fluvial forms).

Map of places of interest

If you want to visualize chosen localities in 3D, for example using Google Earth, download KML file and import these file to your program (Google Earth).